Re: Rik! Where are you!

Posted by Rik ( on May 10, 2001 at 11:09:01:

In Reply to: Re: Rik! Where are you! posted by Aaron Blew on May 09, 2001 at 16:34:49:

As I have always urged, penguins can meet
anywhere, anytime (as in "open-meeting"?),
even if it's just a few to do installs at
someones house, or a pizza party, but the
regular meeting for tonight
(Thursday the 11th) has been canceled.
I sent a mail out last night, after communicating
with Project A.


: Let's see, about *counts on fingers* 8 or 9 people came. Are we still going to have a meeting tomorrow? And these things happen, so I wouldn't worry very much. We'll only kill you a little bit ;)

: -Aaron

: : Uh-oh, I goofed big-time...
: : I beg your pardon.
: : I made an error in the date on the RPLUG website for the May *** 11th *** meeting, which is on the usual second Thursday of the month (tomorrow night). I mistakenly changed the month from the previous notice but neglected to change the DAY.
: : I am truly sorry.
: : My ears are now color-coordinated with my Corvette's paint job.
: : How many folks showed up?
: : How much is going to cost me?

: :
: : : OK, let's play a rousing game of Where's Rik! Think
: : : Where's Waldo only we're searching around on a state
: : : map ;).

: : : Anyway Rik, where were you? Explain yourself! ;)

: : : -Aaron






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