Re: Looking for some general Linux help.

Posted by Rik ( on January 23, 2001 at 17:58:33:

In Reply to: Re: Looking for some general Linux help. posted by Nate Putnam on January 21, 2001 at 16:08:21:

: : : Hi there. I recently moved into the area to attend
: : : college. (as you can probably tell from my email addy)
: : : Anyway I need someone to help me with my linux box. I
: : : have a stable setup right know but i would like to do
: : : things like upgrade my kernel, X and KDE, but don't
: : : want to attempt these things unless i know exactly what
: : : i'm doing. Any help would be great.

: :
: : Hi, Nate,
: : Most current top distros have "upgrade" install options.
: : How about a little more info on your Linux box:
: : What distribution/version have you installed, is it a laptop/desktop, do you have backup capability?

: : Rik

: Rik,
: My box has Dual Pentium II 300s, 260 megs of Ram a 20 ide hard drive, and a SCSI burner running off an adaptec 1520b controller card. I am running RedHat 6.2, i have not been wanting to upgrade to the 7 because of all the problems that i hear it has. Also RedHat seems to be on the slugish side when keeping up to date with the latest X, kde and so on.

: Nate

Neat machine, let me know when you'll be away from home for awhile *grin*.
I sympathize with your reluctance to move to RH7, due to their choice of including a developers' version of 'gcc'. I do have good reports from folks who have installed it, though. You could always go and get the latest stable version of gcc and clean up that way.
RedHat's advantages over SuSE are that all the docs are in English and they offer Gnome in addition to KDE.
Mandrake is a -very- popular distro among RPLUG members, particularly lately and it's a top choice for laptops.







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