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Posted by Sam Powers ( on September 27, 2000 at 02:45:19:

In Reply to: software posted by mohair on September 26, 2000 at 21:00:10:

if you're installing from a tarball (tar.gz file) then you might have
some trouble depending on your distribution. If you're running Red Hat,
you might have better luck if you go hunting for a gimp1.1 rpm from
helix code's website.

Second, if your copy of the gimp is from the first installation of your
distribution, check with the distribution specific tools to remove it,
because after installing gimp1.1 from the tarball, there may be confusion
as to where the gimp you want is installed. After you get the old gimp
removed, install the tarball like this:

$ tar zxvf gimp-1.1.26.tar.gz
[extract the archive into the current directory, uncompressing on the fly,
with verbose output]
$ cd gimp-1.1.26
$ ./configure ; make
[Watch for possible problems here! If you're running slackware, sometimes
it can just be downright hell to get all the other things that gimp relies
on set up in order. if all else fails, read the documentation. Usually it's
called README in the base of whatever program it is that you're setting up.]

If that works fine, go ahead and become root:
$ su

# make install
[This will put all the required files where they need to be, so you can just
launch another terminal and run `gimp`]

Have fun!

PS: My friends and I are looking forward to meeting
all of you at the next meeting!

- Sam

: First thanks for the reply below Rik. I still don't have it running
: but in season I hope to.

: Second I just downloaded the latest gimp (1.1.26) It's
: a tar.gz file. I'd like a simplified version of unloading
: and getting the software to work. Must I uninstall the old
: gimp for the new one to function properly? How do I do that?

: I have LNO bookmarked but there sure is a lot of ground to
: cover to get where I'm going with this. I'm happy to be
: on the net and downloading stuff with linux. Small
: beginning but I'm determined.






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