Re: Anyone in Medford using DSL w/ Linux?

Posted by kloob ( on August 26, 2001 at 12:50:52:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone in Medford using DSL w/ Linux? posted by Rik on July 14, 2001 at 08:01:43:

Charter is now starting to roll-out @Home service in parts of Medfor (west)d. Depending on where you are moving too this may be worth waiting for. If you are more interested in the DSL route, I personally would go with Adanced Telecommunications Group (ATG) over any of the New Edge resellers (Computer Country, Medford Internet, etc). Better prices ($50/month), higher speeds (as fast as they can feed you) and better equipment (Nokia). Also, each CO is connected to each other via ATM SONNET so I would thinkk they would be more reliable.

: : Greetings Rogue Penguins,
: : We'll be moving from south-central PA to Medford, OR
: : in August and I'm contemplating coughing up the $$$
: : for some high speed internet access. Just checked at
: : the Charter Cable site and it seems their [email protected]
: : service is not available @ our address so that leaves
: : ISDN (too expensive) and DSL. I'm a growing Linux fan
: : and am curious whether any of you have experience with
: : Linux on a DSL connection, and whether you have any
: : suggestions as to ISP in Medford. BTW, I'm currently
: : running Mandrake 7.0 on an old Pentium machine -
: : just 'til I get a real Linux box built!

: : Cheers,
: : Beaker

: Beaker,

: The connection media really has little to do with the functionality of Linux. It's a different modem, that's all. You must be within 5 miles of a DSL-equipped subswitch location to qualifyfor DSL service. This service is spotty in the Medford area, but there are other alternatives.

: Check out, an excellent local ISP.

: With DSL, though, as with other "always on" static IP connections, it is essential that you operate behind a firewall. Look for Linux security to be a featured topic at the next RPLUG meeting in September!

: Rik






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